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Marketing Methods and Value

Marketing businesses is our passion! We built a successful international marketing company and now we're bringing all our tools and strategies to help local businesses increase their sales and profits. 

When you sign up to become a GoCard merchant, you receive thousands of dollars of online marketing and advertising. Your costs are only the low annual admin fee and your exclusive GoCard Incentive that encourages locals to shop with you. There are no ongoing monthly fees.

1. Professional Advertising Design. We design a beautiful, professional ad for your business and offer. Your investment includes one modification each year.

2. The GoCard Directory. Our website provides a mobile-friendly, feature-rich user experience that allows you to fully promote your business with all of your contact details, a location map, your social media links, a short and long description, photos and videos... and, of course, your exclusive GoCard offer ad. 

3. Local Social Media. We post your ads every single week to our social media channels - Facebook, Twittter and LinkedIn. We also boost ads daily on a fair rotation basis to ensure everyone gets equal share time.

4. Social Groups. We connect daily on active social groups and participate regularly in conversations as your business voice; whenever there is an opportunity to plug your business, we're on it! Social groups include business directories, classified listings, mommies & daddies, social, meetup events and more!

5. E-Newsletters. We mail monthly newsletters to our growing list of email subscribers, putting your business and offer straight into your customer's inboxes.

6. Posters & Flyers. Part of corporate marketing strategy is to promote your business and offer in flyers and posters delivered throughout our community. 

7. Coming Soon! GoCard Phone App. Our business directory and your ad and offer is now conveniently available on our phone app, downloadable from any iphone and android app store.

8. Expanded Regions. The GoCard is expanding to new regions and we are working hard to attract tourists by inviting them to support our shop local program by using their GoCards at your business when they visit our community. 

Start today to re
ceive these exclusive benefits
  • Professionally designed marketing and advertising
  • Featured placement on
  • Weekly advertising of your brand and offer 
    through a variety of media
  • Monthly email marketing to cardholders
  • Point of sale marketing to promote your offer
There are no ongoing monthly fees, no points to track and no card swiping to participate in this business-building program.
The GoCard Program is simple, affordable and effective.

Talk to us today about how to make the GoCard work for you! We’ll do it all for you. Register today!
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