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Top 5 Benefits of Being a GoCard Business

1. The GoCard increases the frequency by which local customers choose you over your competition. Your customers are more likely to buy repeatedly when you reward their loyalty with an incentive to keep coming back.

2. Don't spend hundreds or thousands of marketing dollars casting a wide net hoping to attract sales. The only time it costs you money is through your discount when someone is already making a purchase. Ditch the multiple coupons and advertisements, which cost a bundle to produce and distribute - the GoCard is everywhere your customers already are! One card and one discount program does it all.

3. If you’re in business, you need to market your business and the GoCard fits right into a smart marketing mix. Consider your discount as part of your overall marketing plan where you receive extended, repeated, social media marketing exposure.

4. Piggyback on the popularity of the program and other merchant marketing. Every time we promote one of our partnering businesses, we promote your business as well!

5. Community Pride. Partnering businesses are seen as goodwill ambassadors for supporting “shop local.” Your buyers care and they’ll reward you with their business for caring, too.

About Our Company
The GoCard was founded by Sherry Robb of S.D.Robb and Associates Inc. Sherry Robb has over 25 years in award-winning international marketing consulting and design experience in print, web and social media. She developed the GoCard to provide businesses an affordable, co-operative marketing alternative to expensive traditional media and believes strongly in shopping local and in crowdsourcing to strengthen community ties. 

Tracy Holden lives in Oceanside and is a print and Social Media marketing consultant with 25 years experience here on Vancouver Island and nationally.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I offer a discount if my customers are already local?
Do you want more business? Would you like your customers to buy more frequently? Would you like better marketing reach? Remember that you ONLY give GoCard savings to people with a GoCard so not every sale will be discounted - but the marketing exposure you receive is well worth your offer!

I already offer locals a discount. How would ours work together?
We don’t want to compete with you. Our sole purpose is to help you do more business. You can give us your local discount and let us do the marketing for you. Or you can give us a better offer than the one you currently promote in house. We typically specify that offers cannot be combined so that we don’t overlap discounts.

What kind of offers work best?
The better the deal the harder this program will work to attract new customers and increase repeat business from existing customers. We do a lot of marketing for you so we ask that you provide us with a good offer to give to our customers. Here are some that we know work well:
  1. Couponing: 10% to 20% Off.
  2. Obviously a greater discount gets higher returns.
  3. BOGO: Buy One Get One Free OR
  4. Buy One Get One 50% Off, etc.
  5. FREE item with the purchase of another item

Do you offer businesses exclusivity?
The GoCard is an equal opportunity marketing initiative. The more businesses that participate the better it is for our entire community! One way you can stand apart from your competition is through your offer; the better the deal the harder GoCard works for you.

Do you offer businesses exclusivity?
The GoCard is an equal opportunity marketing initiative. The more businesses that participate the better it is for our entire community! One way you can stand apart from your competition is through your offer; the better the deal the harder GoCard works for you.

Can I change my ad and offer?

You sure can! Your investment includes one modification each year.

Can I use the GoCard to sell merchandise on my website?
Unfortunately there is no way to track online sales that come from GoCard members because anyone could say they have a GoCard and purchase from you, even if they don’t. This would devalue the program.

Where and how often do you market my business?
We focus our efforts online and through social media because that’s where your customers are. We emphasize your ads every week on Facebook and Twitter, we post them regularly to community groups, and we send out monthly email blasts to our growing email list. Sometimes we group businesses together into ads that promote special events or occasions. We also purchase social media advertising reach either just to locals or to a broader geographical range to attract tourists.

Where can customers buy the GoCard?

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  • Monthly email marketing to cardholders
  • Point of sale marketing to promote your offer
There are no hidden set up or monthly fees, no points to track and no card swiping to participate in this business-building program.
The GoCard Program is simple, affordable and effective.

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